Welcome, Intentions, and Dedication

Welcome to the Wayfinding Coach blog.










I thought it might be helpful to share my intentions for this blog, to help you consider whether you would like to follow it.

My intentions for this blog are:

  • For this place to feel like a sanctuary for you, and for you to feel like you are seen and known here.
  • For it to be a place of community for Breadwinner Women and others who want to find their way to a life of balance, ease, joy, and authenticity.
  • For me to share my journey of finding my way to a life of those same qualities (I’m no guru!).
  • For me to share ideas, inspiration, tools, and questions to help you find your way in life, especially when there is no map.
  • To keep these blog posts short but valuable, because Women Breadwinners don’t have a lot of extra time.

I’m sure these intentions will grow and change over time, but this is it for now.

I dedicate this site to my brilliant, thoughtful, and wise life-coaching clients who have taught me most of what I know about Wayfinding.

Welcome. I’m so happy you are here.



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