Inner Guidance Hotline Kit

Do you struggle with keeping your energy, clarity, and focus throughout your day?

You have a powerful resource that you probably aren’t using consistently: your Inner Guidance.

You’re wired for it. It’s your Hotline to your inner resources of clarity, wisdom, energy, focus and direction.

This kit contains a process that will help you access your Inner Guidance right in the middle of the pressure and chaos of a day. The Inner Guidance Hotline Kit helps you navigate the stressful moments of your day, in alignment with your true self.

Your Free Gift

The Inner Guidance Hotline Kit is a downloadable kit. It’s a guided meditation in mp3 format, with a Guide and Journal accompanying it (pdf format).

With the Inner Guidance Hotline KIt, you can consult your inner guidance in the middle of your day, Real Time, 24/7.

It’s a powerful way to re-energize, re-focus, and get a clear sense of direction for what’s next.

When we’re at one of those times in the day where we get lost in the sheer volume and pace of it all, most of us make every effort to work harder and push forward.

And, that’s just what it is: effort.

It usually just makes us feel more drained, even less focused, and it increases our frustration level.

I’ve designed the Inner Guidance Hotline to help you get truly refreshed and to navigate the moment with your inner compass, giving you the clarity and focus you need.

Get your Complimentary Inner Guidance Hotline Kit Here:

When you request the Inner Guidance Hotline Kit, you’ll also receive:

                • Seasonal Alignment Kits: These free Kits are delivered with the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. They’re filled with spiritual reflections and life coaching activities that help you stay aligned with your inner compass and the wisdom of your true self.



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          • Occasional Mailing with tips, information, and resources to keep you tuned in and oriented to your inner compass, so that you can use that guidance to move through your life transition with focus, clarity, and power.


These tools help you live connected to your inner guidance so that you have full access to your inner resources of clarity, wisdom, energy, focus, and direction.

Get your Complimentary Inner Guidance Hotline Kit here:

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