Cultivate Your Sacred Space

Sacred SpaceYour inner guidance is the essential tool and your key to navigating the unknown territory of your transition or menopause.

I invite you to cultivate the environment for your intuition to show up.

Create a simple sacred space, just for you.

Allow it to be just a chair or a nook or a cranny somewhere in your home. We’re going for really simple here, a space that anyone has room for, regardless of how large or small your living space is.

It’s more about the feeling of the energy of the space than the amount of space. Find a place in your home that feels really good to you.

Now, find some objects that feel sacred to you. Just one or two items can be plenty. It’s about the power and the feeling that they have for you, that they feel sacred to you. Choose things that feel peaceful and special to you.

You might also want a shawl or a blanket for the space if that would feel cozy for you.

Giving yourself the gift of even a tiny space will encourage your relationship with your True Self, and will help you connect with your inner guidance. When you are able to use the same space, over and over, it will begin to be infused with an energy of sacredness that will honor your relationship with your True Self, and will encourage your inner guidance to reveal itself to you.

If you are really short on space, or if it’s particularly difficult to dedicate a space for your own sacred space, put your shawl and your items in a special basket, and let your sacred space be portable. Each time that you want to be in your sacred space, get your basket and take it to a place where you can do your practices for that day.

Let this space hold peace and wisdom for you. Let it become the home for you and True Self to communicate.


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