Inner Compass Daily Orienting Kit

The How of Navigating by Inner Guidance

All of us know the huge power and benefit available to us when we navigate our live with our inner guidance.

But what’s the HOW of it?

In the stress and pace of our lives, how do we tap into our inner wisdom and use it to direct our lives? So that we feel like we are directing our lives, rather than being directed by them.

I developed this kit because it took me years to figure that out.

I knew there had to be a simple, practical way to tap into our inner wisdom, and use it consistently, to guide our lives.

The more fast-paced and demanding our lives become, the more essential this skill and practice becomes.

But it can’t be something that takes a lot of time, because most of us just don’t have it, given the realities of our lives.

Introducing the Inner Compass Daily Orienting Kit

Here’s what this Kit includes:

  • A guide, to explain the process
  • 3 guided meditations to choose from (you can put them on an iPhone or your computer)
  • A simple daily journal page to track the guidance you’re receiving

It will take you 20 or 25 minutes per day, to tune in, reflect, and sense your next steps for moving forward, guided by your inner wisdom.

This is a digital download kit. When you purchase the kit, you will receive easy instructions for downloading the mp3 and pdf files, and your kit will be immediately available for you to use.

If you really want to start guiding your life from your inner wisdom, and you’re willing to devote 20 minutes per day to it, this kit will work for you. It’s very simple (but powerful) and will work for anyone who’s committed to it.

If it just isn’t possible to carve out 20 or 25 minutes in your day, the process isn’t for you, and you won’t be happy with it.

Here’s how to get the Kit.

Your Investment

  • $45, and,
  • Your readiness and willingness to spend 20 – 25 minutes daily, for the sake of creating your life of balance, ease, joy, and authenticity through sustaining your connection to your inner guidance.

To Purchase the Inner Compass Daily Orienting Kit

Purchase now and you can download the Kit immediately.

Price: USD $45

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