Spiritual Time-Out Kits

Wayfinding is living connected to your inner guidance and using it to find your path and direct your life, so that you live a life of balance, ease, joy, and authenticity.

It’s a spiritual solution to a real-world challenge, the challenge of living a balanced and happy life when you are a primary breadwinner.

But how do you do that?

You develop the art and practice of Spiritual Time-Outs.

A Spiritual Time-Out is a time-out to check in with your inner guidance.

It’s a time to orient to your inner compass and then to make choices and take action from there.

You Think You Want More Time

Let’s face it. We don’t have enough time, and we never will.

So we can’t make it about time: being more efficient with time, managing time, etc.

We have to make it about focus, clarity, and meaning.

What You Really Want

What you really want is peace of mind, focus, clarity, vitality, and an understanding of what really matters to you, so that you spend the time that you do have on what matters most.

When you know what matters most, you can let the rest go, and then you achieve a natural and authentic work/life balance, which is rooted in inner wisdom and in alignment with your own true self.

By taking regular Spiritual Time-Outs, you’ll learn to work and live with focus and clarity. You’ll be in the flow of your own inner knowing, and you’ll know what’s next. You’ll develop the ability to be fully present to your life and work, right now, real time.

What’s Possible With Spiritual Time-Outs?

Spiritual Time-Outs range from a minute’s pause during the day, to breathe deeply and check in with your inner compass, to taking retreats, when you return to your center, realign to your purpose, and get in touch with your vision.

You may think that taking Spiritual Time-Outs is just adding one more thing to your already-overflowing plate. That may be true at first. However, very quickly, a powerful leverage comes into play, and very soon, each Spiritual Time-Out returns its time to you multi-fold, because you know where you are headed and what steps to take. You eliminate uncertainty and that scattered feeling. You know what’s right for you. You are spiritually grounded in the flow of inner knowing and clarity.

You don’t have to give up loving work, making a difference, or contributing your gifts to the world. Living in the new paradigm will actually get you more of what you want and love about work.

What you’ll lose is the chaos, the pressure of trying to do the impossible, and the scattered feeling of not knowing where to focus next.

You’ll gain an inner balance that translates into an outer balance in your life and work.

You’ll build a spiritual dimension into your life that you actually have time for.

It’s relatively easy to take Spiritual Time-Outs, when you have the right process and tools.

Here are the Spiritual Time-Out Kits that are Currently Available


The Inner Guidance Hotline Kit is the perfect tool to help you quickly refresh, refocus, and tune into your inner guidance, right in the middle of your busy day. It’s a short audio guided meditation and a focused journal page to help you tune into your true self real-time, 24/7. And, it’s my gift to you. Click here to learn more.



The Inner Compass Daily Orienting Kit is designed to give you a simple 4-step process that will take you 20 – 25 minutes per day to tune into your own true north. It’s about nurturing a relationship with your true self that’s accessible and reliable. You tune into your source of guidance, clarity, energy, and inspiration, and navigate your life from there. Click here to learn more.




The Seasonal Alignment Kits help you step back from the pressures and demands of your everyday life to take a longer view of your life/work balance and your alignment with the wisdom of your true self. Delivered to you each season, these kits are filled with spiritual reflections and life coaching activities. These Kits are also my gift to you, when you sign up for the Inner Guidance Hotline Kit, above. Click here to learn more.




A Word About the Design of My Spiritual Time-Out Kits

All of my kits are designed to give you the benefit of three powerful elements:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Life Coaching
  • Journaling

The Guided Meditations bring you to a state of receptivity so you can hear your inner wisdom.

The Life Coaching questions and process focus your attention specifically on your relationship with your true self, and on the dialogue between you and your inner guidance.

The Journaling helps you explore the powerful questions that life has presented to you, and also helps you create meaningful intentions for how you want to live your life.


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