Busting the Blahs

It’s a grey day.

It took me a couple of hours to realize why I was feeling so sluggish this morning. It’s a grey day.

This always happens to me after a string of sunny days.

I tend to attribute it to a character flaw, like laziness, until I finally make the connection: I’m letting the grey skies get to me.


What are your strategies when you find your energy lagging?

I’ve been trying to remember to b*r*e*a*t*h*e, a long, conscious, breath. And I make myself get up and either walk around or stretch.

Today, I was thinking about how easy it is to just plow through our work, whatever our energy level.

And yet (file this under “so obvious, it’s pathetic”) there are some simple things we can do that both change our state and take care of ourselves. And they don’t have to take more than a minute or two.

What are yours?

Somebody needs to do a study to find out why we don’t do them more often. 🙂



  1. Steve Mandell says

    Your art is wonderful. I thought Harold had all the drawing talent but you are a wonderful artist in your own right. Wow. I am amazed. You both are amazing. Bravo!

    • lynne.fairchild says

      Hi Steve,
      Thank you so much. I love your art and I am totally inspired by it. Your expression of the energy of what you see is incredible, and your style is so clear and unique. Harold is a huge inspiration for me also, of course. He’s why I got started in the first place; I never thought of myself as an artist until he encouraged me.

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