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“Before setting out, remind yourself of the purpose of your journey. From now on, there is no such thing as a neutral act, an empty thought, an aimless day. Travels become sacred by the depths of their contemplations.” The Art of Pilgrimage, page 69

Upon seeing this quote, I asked myself the What If question: What if the purpose of my pilgrimage is to Walk LIghtheartedly and with a Joyful Spirit? And, what if I remind myself of this purpose “before setting out” each day?

I am discovering that this can be quite powerful, and quite a gift. As I bring to mind my purpose, it sets the tone for my day. It establishes a sort-of home base, to which I can return whenever I stray, depending upon how much I get drawn into the circumstances of my day.

To the extent that I can actually, and authentically, live into my purpose as I walk through my day, it can be a gift for others. It may brighten their day.

I can feel the support of my purpose as I walk.

How can your purpose support you today?

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