Rituals That Mark Time

November bare treesOn Halloween morning, it snowed. Then high winds blew all the oaks clean, and left no doubt that it was November.

So, over the weekend, I did some of my preparing-for-winter rituals. It was time.

These are simple things like covering up the air conditioner unit and clearing everything off the screened porch. Some of you may rake leaves or stack wood.

Rituals are really important. They mark the movement of time, and for me, they help me embrace change, if I do them intentionally and consciously. By that I mean that instead of just putting it on my To Do list, and getting it done, checking it off, I think about how it is marking the end of the warmer weather and moving into the shorter days and cooler times.

These simple rituals are particularly helpful to me when I’m going through big changes in my life.

Doing rituals like this gives me some stability and routine, or ritual, in my world that is shifting.

What are the rituals that mark your time?

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