fall leaf

I just stood for a moment, noticing everything around me. Something was different on my walk today.


For days, there has been a frisky wind blowing. November can be like that, a wind coming in and blowing out all of the remnants of Summer. A clearing, cleansing wind.

I had gotten so used to the wind that this felt strange, sort of disorienting.

It was so still that I heard a leaf hit the asphalt of the road as it dropped from the tree.

I could hear cars when they were more than a mile away down the road.

At times, I could hear nothing.

How many times in our lives do we have a moment with nothing filling it? Most of our lives are filled with ambient noise.

It reminded me of some deep winter nights, the sky a tapestry of stars, the snow falling softly. But even then, there is often the call of the Great Horned Owl, or the rustling of an animal in the woods.

I stood there, soaking it in, watching the sun sink slowly into the Western horizon. I stood there until Saturn showed itself.

How deeply we all crave silence, and stillness. It is nurturing and healing, in a way that almost nothing else is.

I didn’t realize how much I craved the stillness until I was immersed in it. Everything in my body relaxed into it. It felt like all my cells were all breathing a collective sigh.

It’s so easy to forget how much we need stillness. It had to overtake me before I realized it.

What is stillness, for you? What are the ways in which you can give yourself some stillness?


  1. As with other recent writings of yours, I’m inspired by the simplicity and depth of this piece,
    “It’s so easy to forget how much we need stillness.” This really speaks to me today.
    How much we need stillness!
    I see and feel it as vitamin for my soul and well being. Just entering fully into the word brings me closer to it. Also allowing myself to be the pause button…..

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