From Whence Does Your Inner Guidance Come


I’ve been accused of having a vivid imagination.

I found this rock on my road today. It looked to me like a secret map.

I wouldn’t use this rock to try to find my way through life, but it did make me think of something that I strongly believe: our inner guidance is everywhere. Or, to put it another way, our inner wisdom is always broadcasting to us. It’s just that we aren’t listening, most of the time, so we don’t pick up on it.

I know this because I am always forgetting to tune into my inner wisdom. And then, when I do tune in, I can always sense or feel that core essence in me. I know it is there, and I know that it’s broadcasting.

I know something else: if the signal isn’t clear, it isn’t the signal. It’s that I am not quite in a receptive place to hear it.

What does it mean, for me, to be “not receptive”? Most often it is that I’m rushing around, and my rhythm isn’t conducive to listening within. Or I really want to “get an answer,” and my anxiety about “getting a fix” is blocking the signal. Or — this is a big one — I have assumptions and expectations about what I think the answer should be, or what it should look like, ie, I’m not a blank slate.

I could get my inner guidance from this rock, if I were in a receptive enough state, because the rock would only be serving as a focal point for my inner listening.

I could find a quiet place, stop, hold the rock, breathe into a slower rhythm, and open myself to listening and sensing my inner guidance. And I would feel the wisdom that was meant for me in that moment. That is what I mean by our inner wisdom always broadcasting.  I just have to want to hear it more than I want my own agenda in the moment. I need to surrender to not knowing, and listen.

And then I will “hear” (sense, feel, see) just what I need in that moment. Important caveat: Just what I need in that moment, not necessarily what I think I need.

So, I’m going to quit writing this blog post and sit with the rock. 🙂 From whence does your inner guidance come?

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