The Dark Soul of Potential


Just before winter every year, I fill a pot with potting soil and plant some seeds in it. These are seeds that I have collected during autumn, usually along the road where I live.

It is fun to see what emerges when these seeds are given some light, water, and warmth. It is also fun to have some new growth in the darkness of the winter season.

But mostly I plant them to remind me of the power of being in the darkness, as these seeds are when they are planted, and before the plants start to emerge.

There is a lot going on, beneath the surface of the soil, in the darkness.

These seeds are preparing themselves for growth. They are putting down roots, and then developing their root systems, which will, of course, eventually be the mechanism by which they take in nutrients to grow.

These root systems are what keep them stable when their foliage starts to push up above ground.

These seeds teach me about the blessing of the darkness.

I am comforted to know that the darkness of winter is not just a dead time for me to get through.

It is instead an essential time of being in the darkness, and putting down roots for the creative energy that will grow and emerge from me in Spring.

What is the darkness about for you?

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