Let’s Live by Intention

I love Intention.

Why? Because it is a promise to myself, and it is all about how I choose to show up, to anything in my life.

I can’t always control circumstances, outcomes, or situations. Have you noticed that for yourself? 🙂

But I can always choose how to be, and to me, that is everything. Intention is the difference between frustration and meaning.

Intention is my August word (see 12 Words for 2018).

I’m glad it is, because, as much as I love Intention, I don’t give enough attention to it, so I need to be reminded to be conscious of the Intention I am choosing.

I work with my clients on Intention, and I work with my own coach on my Intentions. And I still forget.

When I set an intention, especially before my day begins, I show up to my life consciously and fully engaged, rather than just going through the motions. I show up with a different quality of energy.

You might call this a form of mindfulness, but I think it’s more than that. There is a spirit to Intention, a spirit of Yes! I’m in!

Examples of some of my Intentions from the last week:

  • I want to be open to hearing all points of view.
  • I want to come to my friend’s struggles with love.
  • I want to be extra-focused in my work today.
  • I want to shed all of my expectations about my art and be willing to play.

Intention is a pledge to be. It’s a commitment to me. I love Intention.

So, if you’re game, let’s do more of it.

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