I’ve loved exploring Generosity for the month of September (My 12 Words for the Year).

An early discovery and distinction arose in my practice of Generosity this month, and that is the difference between Giving and Generosity.

Like many of us, I was brought up with strong insistence of the virtues of Giving, and that approach gradually morphed into over-giving, and then danced on the border of resentment.

As I meditated on Generosity, it was clear to me that it had something to do with a Generosity of Spirit.

I feel like that is definitely different than Giving. Giving feels like a doing thing, and Generosity feels like a being thing. And, from being Generous of Spirit, the right doing naturally arises from within.

So, it clearly isn’t giving up on Giving. The Giving is just coming from a different place.

Living with a Generosity of Spirit feels wonderful: it feels spacious, and loving, and kind, and devoted to seeing the humanity in myself and in others.

It is living with heart.

What does that mean every day?

It means when I feel any hesitancy to say Yes, or any feeling of constriction, to go inside and explore what feels right in the moment.

It means when a request comes from a dear one, I stop what I’m doing (and the Doing Track that I am on), and ask myself: What would the choice be for Generosity of Spirit? What is Generosity of Spirit in this moment?

It means sensing what Being Generous in Spirit means in my decisions and choices.

Intention has really helped me with Generosity. When I intend to live Generously in Spirit, and I keep that intention alive and in my focus, I am inspired to action that is right for me and everybody.

I discover in each moment what it is like to live with a Generosity of Spirit. No rules.

What is Generosity for you?


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