Sitting with the Blank Page

The Blank Page

I have started a new visual journal.

I use visual journals to sort things out and find my way. The combo of words and visual images allows me to tap into my inner guidance more easily, to bypass my thinking, figuring-it-out mind and get to a deeper truth within me.

However, I have been uncomfortable with blank pages, so the first thing I do in a new visual journal is to paint the pages. Then I have a base to work on in each page. I’m not starting with a blank page.

This is a perfect metaphor for my life. I’m uncomfortable Not Knowing. And, I’m even more uncomfortable hanging out for any period of time in Not Knowing Land.

Clearly, one of my growing edges is to get comfortable with Not Knowing. It’s a vital part of the creative process. It’s also essential for me to clear space to hear my Inner Wayfinder, the presence of Spirit within me.

New ideas can’t get in if I’ve filled the space with prior assumptions, perspectives, and expectations.

Today, I noticed a shift within me. I am craving blank pages. They feel good. Sitting with them feels good. This is good.

The End is Just the Beginning

As I “launch” this blog and this website, I could think of it as finally arriving at “The End.” But of course, the end is just another beginning. In this case, a really exciting one, for me.

This new focus for my life coaching business (this site, the blog, the Kits) began over a year ago, when some of my colleagues began to take early retirement.

As they retired, I began to ask myself: What is retirement, for me?

The “for me” part is really important, I think, especially for Woman Breadwinners, because there is no longer a traditional retirement model. There is a lot more creative choice, in both our work and in our “retirement.” And, of course, in our rhythm and timing.










I journaled about it, but just could not get my head around Retirement. Retiring from what? My first answer to that question was “retiring from doing things I really don’t want to do.” Good answer. That would probably be a great aspiration for all of us, right in this red hot moment!

In the midst of my struggle to answer the question about what retirement is, for me, my spiritual director suggested that maybe that wasn’t really the question.

She asked me: What still wants to be born through you?

So, now I’m asking you: What still wants to be born through you?

Pass it on.



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