Letting Go

I found this colorful leaf this morning on my driveway, and I was reminded of the beauty of autumn and of the power of letting go.

It felt like a timely message for me. Lately I’ve been hanging on to too many expectations, of I the way I want things to go, or the way I think they need to go.

This leaf is asking me to let go of those expectations and trust the natural process of unfolding.

I can already feel the relief and the freedom in letting go these things that I have been holding so tightly.

I invite to you ponder, just for a moment, what you might be able to release, and to feel the relief in the letting go of things no longer needed.


The Woman Breadwinner’s Wheel of Life: Remembering the Spiritual Nature of Our Lives




In the rush of life, especially when we are the Women Breadwinners, I think it is so easy to focus on all the practical, essential details of life. And in that focus, it is equally easy to forget that our lives are a spiritual journey.

I offer this Women Breadwinner’s Wheel of Life to you as one way of remembering the spiritual nature of our lives.


Are We Exhausted?

Most of my friends, colleagues, and clients are arriving at year end in an exhausted state, like we are coming to the end of a long dark tunnel of pushing through to get things Done. (Of course, as one of my friends keeps reminding me, There Is No Done.)










Here’s a concept that knocked me over when I first saw it (and every time since). It’s from David Whyte’s book, Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.

“You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”


Being a Pilgrim of Your Life

What is it to be a pilgrim, in our lives, in our world today?










From Phil Cousineu’s The Art of Pilgrimage: “In each of us dwells a wanderer, a gypsy, a pilgrim. What matters most on your journey is how deeply you see, how attentively you hear, how richly the encounters are felt in your heart and soul.”

I find this is easier when I am on holiday or vacation, or in some way removed from the pace and the demands, the schedules and To Do lists of everyday life.

I think the question for us Women Breadwinners is: how do we “be pilgrims” of our everyday lives?

I’m finding a hint of an answer in the quote. It’s about Presence. It’s not as much about what we are doing, or how much we are doing, but how we come to it, how we “show up” to our lives. With Presence.

Wayfinders Find Their Own Way

Joseph Campbell said something that I think speaks directly to Women Breadwinners.

“If you have a map, it’s probably somebody else’s map.” We need to find our own way through the unknown territory that is our lives.


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